Jo Cowen talks at Case Furniture


Jo Cowen, Xanthe Hamilton and Rob Bevan discuss how clients can work together as a community to maximise potential and future proof their homes and local area so that communities can stay together and intact. How can architects empower clients to take on local authorities to create the change they want to see in their local area?

Chaired by journalist Rob Bevan, Jo and Xanthe will discuss their own experiences, and architects’ changing relationships with communities, as well as the architect’s role in helping to empower and create positive change. Is it now more important that the architect is the facilitator rather than the creator, and an enabler of process and discussion, rather than being the designer?

Does this approach create new relationships between architects and clients, and how far can this role be developed?
Jo Cowen is Director of Jo Cowen Architects. She spent six months working in Soweto on community projects and more recently has enabled a community in Fulham to submit a community planning application to allow an entire street to expand their homes. This innovative approach has encouraged individuals to work as a group and empowered them to achieve more than they could on their own.

Xanthe Hamilton commissioned Assemble in Toxteth, Liverpool to help bring life back to a severely deprived and neglected community in Granby Four Streets, and to totally transform perceptions of the area. The project won the Turner Prize in 2015.

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Dominic Philcox