Rectory Gardens & Rectory Grove

Rectory Gardens & Rectory Grove is a gated luxury residential scheme, which sought to rejuvenate a stunning site in the heart of Clapham Old Town. It was comprised of the careful retention of existing façades, the creation of 32 new build contemporary dwellings and a new retail space at street level. The design introduced a landscaped garden in the centre, linking the mews properties and the new build apartments, and providing a beautiful landscaped route for private residents. Slim handmade bricks and perforated brass shading create a contemporary language for the project, whilst respecting and continuing the rhythm and character of the historic street.


Scope: 32 residential units, 1 retail unit
Location: Clapham, London
Type: Mixed-use
Duration: Up to 48 months
Services: Feasibility and pre-planning
Status: Planning